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What is the Wise Dragon's Verse

A literature, culture and life style conservation organization. Made-up by a team of regens(Not to be confused with degens) based out of New York; we identify as a social community of creative commons that possess the power to save the world with the power of literature.
The wise dragons move against the horrid tales of censorship and protect free speech around the globe.
On a lighter note we got 5000 wise dragon ups for keeps and a blockchain library on the way.

Dragon Traits

What traits make the
dragons unique?

With over 100 Trait options, 12 base skin colors and much more; the dragons bring tales of good fortune.


{{ experienceYears }} Major Milestones
To Bring Your Writings To Life.

The real hustle starts after as we drop our OG collection and begin creating the Wiserverse. An all inclusive library that lets poets, philosophers and story tellers, reporters and individuals immortalize their long form content on the blockchain. From books to research papers our platform will enable creators to have authority over their work but cutting out the accursed middle man (See: Publisher).

Soar through our roadmap to see the direction we are headed in. Key for reference: (+ Minor Boom, ++ Bigger Boom, +++ Daddy's Home)


Having deep dived into history through scriptures that predate most countries today, the wise dragons understand the story that prevails is the one which gets told. Our library welcomes all perspectives and assures diverse perspectives get a voice today and for all times to come. Also just sayin' if we need a DAO we'll make one ;)

Ignoring the social aspect of it all, once our library is set up, all NFT holder's are entitled the profits made from the Wiser Verse.

Authors are done being exploited by publishers left and right. We can't say for certain if authors would want to publish from our library but we're certain most of them need to at this point.

All you need to do is mint your NFT at our website once the minting starts. Simply connect your wallet and make sure you have the required amount of ETH and hit mint. Congrats you now own your very own Dragon NFT.

The final mint date will be announced shortly.

A total of 5000 unique digitally hand painted wise dragons are up for keeps, Mint price to be announced soon.

Our dragons not only live on but silently rule the Ethereum network.

All dragons are equal therefore there shall be no pre-selling, whitelising-esque nepotism.

We really admire poetry,
Donate a verse today!

Hop on twitter and tag us @wisedragonverse with your donated verse and out AI will generate a poem each week.

P.S Our Discord Server is invitation only, ergo we don't share a link for everyone to join. If you are committed to literature and you donate often our dragons will invite you over.

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